Every product we launch will contain clean ingredients and potent formulas. Transparency keeps us honest and accountable and enables you to learn more about our products than any other independent skincare company. We combine nature and science to create powerful formulas that are made with natural ingredients. Many people think our products are organic or made of plants. Our products' simplicity and effectiveness are due to this. We do not use fragrances or harmful chemicals.

#Better Ingredients for Better Skin

Power Players

Active ingredients are the ingredients that take your skin from dull to DAMN. Our products are also lean, mean, funky machines because of them. We'd call them awesome ingredients on their own. They are powerful to provide healthy skin and let you be as authentically you as possible.

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Let's bust some myths...


This does not necessarily mean that it has been watered down when you see it in beauty products. In skincare products, water is used as a vehicle of sorts to hold all the ingredients together and enable them to move seamlessly from bottle to skin. Imagine "Aqua" as a train and all of the other ingredients as passengers. The next stop: your skin!


The idea that acids are harmful chemicals that eat through surfaces has been ingrained in us. Fortunately, skincare acids are not harmful chemicals. Our preference is to use certain acids such as hyaluronic acid, ascorbic acid, and salicylic acid. They do this because they incorporate rejuvenating elements which boost the effectiveness of our formula.

If you're using acids for the first time, you may feel hesitant at first, but if you're ready to take your skin care game to the next level, acids are a great place to start.


You may not know that not all alcohols are created equal, but it's the deal-breaker for most savvy skincare shoppers. Despite the fact that some are volatile enough to damage your skin barrier, there are good ones (and no, they won't leave your skin high and dry).

Cetyl, stearyl, cetearyl, and propylene glycol are fatty alcohols that act as emollients and thickeners. As they don't irritate skin and help retain moisture, they're an unsung hero for those with sensitive skin and rosacea. 

Although alcohols are easy to spot in an ingredient list (because they end in -ol), their function and benefit may be less clear. You may use the list above as a starting point, and if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!