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About Beauty Natural

Welcome to Beauty Natural Body Care® product line. Our skincare products contain herbs with natural antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties that repair and nourish your skin. Some of our plant-based ingredients are fresh kinds of butter and oils, which include Shea, Mango, and Cocoa Butters, Almond, Jojoba Avocado oils. 

Our products are for sensitive skin and all types. We design them to fight breakouts, oily, dry, and itchy skin; heal acne, eczema, lighten acne, and blemish spots


Do you want to begin the road to healthy, glowing skin?

Our products are natural, gentle, and moisturizing, pure, cruelty-free (no animal testing), free of alcohol, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, GMOs, and synthetics.

So, why not just be Natural? Let Us Show You How...It's Effortless.

Check us out and enjoy shopping today.

Skincare Spotlight


Be Beautiful

Nourish your skin naturally. Worry-free formulas with real results. Ingredients are grown the right way.


Be You

Discover what’s new to add to your unique routine and lifestyle. Every formula we produce is filled with love for you and the planet, guaranteed.


Be Safe

Protect your skin from sun and environmental damage. No synthetic fragrances or chemicals, ever. Our scents come from essential oils and herbs — good for body and mind.


Niya S.

Due to issues with dry skin finding the perfect body lotion was always hard. I decided to try the Cashmere & Pear Body Whip Lotion and was very please with the feel and moisture this lotion gave. The added bonus was the delightful yet soothing smell. After that first application, I knew then that this would be one of my favorite skincare products.

Rhonda H.

The Cashmere & Pear Body Whip lotion is like spreading whipped vanilla icing all over. The smell is divine and the lotion is super moisturizing. The candles are awesome, too. They have a long burn time and the thrown is great. I can tell that these products are made with lots of love and attention.

Lee B.

I have tried Beauty Natural's lip gloss, several candles, and body cream. I am in love with the fragrance of their lip gloss and candles. I really love the cashmere pear body cream fragrance and how it feels on my skin.

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